Handles GST

Monitor and control your business payments.

When your supplier sends you an invoice, you enter the details into Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE.  When you are ready to pay your creditors, the package finds all those invoices due by a specified date.  A full-screen display lets you select those that you are ready to pay now.  The program can print cheques, remittance advices, address labels, or even write the payment details to a file which can be electronically processed by your bank.

Interface to Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE and other packages.

You can set up your own descriptions of all the different expenditure categories.  Each transaction can be allocated to one or more expense codes.  The payments can be transferred from Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE to other cashbook or general ledger packages, including the Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE cashbook package.

Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE was designed and programmed by Dr Geoffrey Lewis.

Windows Version of Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE.

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