Windows Version of Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE

The Windows version 5.00 was first released in May 2003.  This version is only for Windows.
The Windows version has the same range of accounting functions as the tried and proven MS/DOS version.  It uses the data in Version 4 of the DOS program.  However, the Windows version lets you take advantage of many aspects of the Windows computer environment.


Flexibility and reliability are the two most important characteristics of the Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE package for creditors.  It is vital that the Windows version maintains the flexibility and reliability.
Nowhere is this more important than in the print-outs for remittance advices and cheques.  As before, you can choose your own layout, and tell where you want each piece of information to be printed.  In the Windows version, for each text or data variable you can also control the size of the font; whether it is bold, underlined or italic; and which font to use.

 The Windows program lets you use pull-down menus and command buttons to navigate around and execute the many functions of the program.  Almost every commonly-used facility can be done either using a click of the mouse, or a single key-stroke.  If your hand is already on the mouse you will tend to use the mouse, and if it is already on the keyboard you will tend to use the keyboard.
Some of the noticeable advantages you will get from the Windows version are: The windows version

Windows Upgrade Prices

The cost of upgrading from Version 4 is $220,  plus $55 per subsidiary license.  All prices include GST.

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