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Taking Care of Your BAS

The BAS (Business Activity Statement) has space for some 50 values.  For about half of these, the data has to be entered, while the others are calculated or pre-filled.  From June 2001, a new BAS approach by the Government resulted in a multitude of different BAS layouts, depending on your circumstances.
The data for a typical business will come from a variety of sources, either computerised or manual.
Lewis BASiNET helps you organise this information, whether you do your GST quarterly or monthly, by cash or by accrual.

Collecting Information

The BAS requires information from a variety of sources, such as cashbook, payables, receivables, payroll, Fringe Benefits.
Lewis BASiNET lets you collect these figures, which are derived from other accounting packages.
There are two ways of entering data, and it is OK to do a combination of both methods.

Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE cashbook.  For acquisitions and supplies.

Lewis ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE debtors.  For supplies.

Lewis ACCOUNTS PAYABLE creditors.  For acquisitions.

Lewis PAY-PACK payroll.  For salary and wages.

A very simple ASCII file, that could be generated from spreadsheets and other programs.  We will be pleased to discuss with other software developers how the format for the BASiNET import file.

Once the data is in BASiNET, it can be reviewed, modified or deleted.
For any one BAS item, BASiNET lets you distinguish multiple sources such as wages from a weekly payroll and wages from a monthly payroll.
If you group several related entities to a single ABN, BASiNET lets you collect the data from these different enterprises, and identify each source.
BASiNET Version 2.0 will also prepare IAS (Instalment Activity Statements).

Sending Information

The two ways of sending your BAS to the ATO are electronically and by paper. 
BASiNET will print out the two pages of the BAS for your records.  This will also be helpful if you are submitting a paper form.
BASiNET no longer produces a file to be sent electronically in the ATO format, because the ATO has been continually varying the precise format. Also for your records, you can print the full details of the source of every piece of information that you used.

Retrieving Information

Most importantly, BASiNET stores the sources of your information, and any working notes.  As well as being invaluable for audit, this will help you find out how you arrived at any particular value, on a previous BAS.


Lewis BASiNET is only available in 32-bit Windows format.  It can read information prepared from other programs that can be 32-bit Windows, 16-bit Windows, or MS/DOS.
A Lewis BASiNET license is issued to a business for the preparation of its BAS.  You can purchase subsidiary licenses for related entities with different ABN’s.
There are two versions of BASiNET: for producing a BAS every month, or for producing a BAS every quarter.

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