Demonstration Packs

For any of our software packages, you can order the demo pack, so you can really test whether it is suitable for your needs.
You receive the full working disk, plus the complete manual.  The cost is $55.00 (which includes GST).  This lets you try the software on your own computer at your leisure.  Do not hesitate to telephone us to discuss any aspect of the program.  You can enter your own data, and when you purchase the full license, there is no need to re-enter anything.
When you are ready to buy the license to use the software, the amount paid for the demo pack, will be credited to the purchase price if ordered within a month.  We will issue you with a code number, to fully activate the software.  All information that you have already entered will still be there.
Order demonstration packs from Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd for $55.00 (including GST) for each pack.
Although the demonstration packs have the following limitations, you can really test all aspects of each package.
The demonstration packs will print out the phrase “Demonstration Version” on all print-outs.  The following limitations apply: