In Business since 1983

The business Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd was started in April 1983 by Geoffrey Lewis.  This was the time when personal computers first had enough capacity to do actual business applications.  The original endeavour was to make customised software packages for business and government.  The name Custom-Made Software was an accurate description of the business when it was incorporated on 1 July 1983, at the start of the financial year.
It has always been a family business, run from Dr Lewis’ home.  Again the mid-1980s was the time when it was first possible to run a professional business from home, as it had become feasible to buy and install the necessary business equipment such as computers, photocopiers, phone systems.  Geoffrey’s two daughters Susie and Vanessa were then aged 3 and 5, and had to share a bedroom, so Dad could use the other bedroom as an office.
A very important client was Dr Eric Caspary.  Eric and Geoffrey designed and produced the CASEG medical accounting package.  This set a new standard in that field.  Sadly Eric died at the age of 54 in June 2002, after a brave battle with cancer.
After CASEG, Geoffrey saw a gap in the market for a reliable software package for payroll.  The first licenses of Lewis PAY-PACK were sold in December 1984.  PAY-PACK was designed to be extremely reliable, so that it could be easily used, with occasional help over the phone.  This formula is still the corner-stone of our business.
Our other major package, Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE, was first launched in December 1985.  This cashbook program was originally created to streamline our own business and personal accounts.  It soon became a resounding success with many dedicated users.
Geoffrey’s wife, Lolita, resigned from her job as a teacher, to work full-time in the business.  As the volume of business expanded the office was moved to a bigger room in the house.  Twice we had to move to a larger house to get more space.
We employed other full-time staff, two of whom are well known to many clients.  Benny Coyco worked with the company for eight years until 1995.  Pat Grill started later in 1995, and worked with us until she retired at the end of 2006.
While running the company, Lolita found time to raise two more children, Mark (born 1986), and Jenny (born 1989).  Our two eldest daughters have grown up, and Susie is now married and now has her own wonderful children.  All our children have assisted in the business in different ways during school holidays and busy periods.
In the 1980s, a highlight was Geoffrey’s meetings and discussions with Bill Gates.
Our business model has been very successful, and has been unchanged for over 25 years. Thank you very much for your support over the years, especially those who have written letters of praise, or told us or their friends how wonderful our products and service are.  It inspires us to continue to do even better over the coming years.