Maintenance Service

Until 2003 Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd only offered an ongoing maintenance service for PAY-PACK and Lewis Accounts Receivable.  From now on, we will offer a maintenance service for our other accounting packages, particularly Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE and Lewis Accounts Payable.
The cost of the maintenance service for each package is $110 per year.  If you have subsidiary licenses for related companies, the cost will be $55 for each extra subsidiary license.  All amounts include GST.
The maintenance service will cover you for 12 months after you agree to start.  When your maintenance is about to expire we will send you a tax invoice for the service for the next 12 months.
You will receive unlimited telephone support on the relevant product.
The maintenance cost also covers ongoing upgrades to the program.  There would be an extra fee for converting from Dos to Windows, or from an older version of the program.
If you are using an older version (but not too old) of these programs, you could continue to use that version and pay the above fee for the maintenance service.  This would cover unlimited telephone support, but not upgrades.

Help Incident

We will also continue to provide support for people who choose not to go on maintenance for these packages.  There will be a cost for this service of $66 (including GST) per incident.  If there are several phone calls or faxes required to help you through the incident, there will just be the one flat fee of $66.  However, at busy times, there may be lower priority to your call than to others who are on maintenance.  Advance payment by credit card will be required.

There will be no change to our procedures or charges for Lewis PAY-PACK maintenance.  The fee for PAY-PACK is higher, starting at $275.  However there are generally more support calls for payroll, and frequently they have to be resolved immediately as a pay deadline looms.  Also with payroll there are frequent legislative changes affecting tax and superannuation, so there are more updates for PAY-PACK and it is imperative that you are using the latest version to meet taxation requirements.