Dr Geoffrey Lewis

Dr Geoffrey LewisIn 1965, IBM selected a 16-year old schoolboy, Geoffrey Lewis, to make the first public demonstration in Australia of the IBM System 360.  Described in the newspapers as a genius, he was selected because of a sensational score of “150 out of 120” in a university test for mathematical aptitude.  The 30 extra marks were awarded for exceptional problem-solving ability and in the next 10 years nobody else ever got more than 75!
After a brilliant academic career, Dr Lewis has applied his talent for solving complicated problems by producing numerous computer applications used extensively in commercial and government installations.  After working successfully for different corporations Dr Lewis formed Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd to specialise in producing application software.
The software packages of Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd are:

Other Positions

Education. In 1965 NSW Leaving Certificate he was second in NSW on aggregate marks and first in mathematics.  His degrees from the University of NSW are Ph.D. in Pure Mathematics and B.Sc. with First Class Honours and University Medal. 
Other Achievements.  Dr Lewis has authored books on five different subjects: Postal History of the Spanish Philippines, the French explorer La Pérouse, pure mathematics, an economics textbook and roulette.
He won the 1977 NSW Open Bridge Championship.