La Pérouse.  Why He Came to the Pacific.

As well as writing and supporting Lewis PAY-PACK and CROSS-CHEQUE, Dr Geoffrey Lewis does have other interests.  He has just been writing a book on the famous French navigator, La Pérouse, entitled:

La Pérouse.  Why He Came to the Pacific.

La Pérouse is generally regarded as the second-most important explorer of the Pacific Ocean, the number-one place going to Captain James Cook.  La Pérouse landed in Botany Bay in January 1788, only five days after the First Fleet of Governor Arthur Phillip.  After leaving Australia, La Pérouse and his ships vanished - their wrecks were eventually found off the coast of the island of Vanikoro in the Solomon Islands near Vanuatu (formerly New Hebrides).
The whole Pacific expedition was a very well-planned voyage with several aims: discovery, scientific research, reporting on other nations, and investigation of the possibility of fur trading in the Pacific.  It is ironic that La Pérouse has become best-known for the two incidents that were not planned: his visit to Botany Bay and his disappearance.

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