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Lewis PAY-PACK is a payroll software package for employers in Australia.  Handles all Australian payroll needs including Payment Summaries (which replaced Group Certificates in 2000/01), taxation, superannuation, wages overtime, allowances, processing of leave payments and many more.  We provide excellent ongoing support. PAY-PACK is Australia’s longest established payroll system for microcomputers, and has been continually developed by Dr Geoffrey Lewis since 1984.
The latest version of Lewis PAY-PACK is Version 9.0, which processes SuperStream.  We are sending this version on request to PAY-PACK users whose maintenance is up-to-date, and we hope that everybody will be using this version by the end of 2015.  Until this roll-out is completed, PAY-PACK users can continue on with Version 8.7 or (if no ETPs have been done) with  Version 8.6.  

The June 2015 newsletter was mailed from Sydney on Tuesday 9 June 2015.  If you have not received it please contact us in case we do not have your correct address details.  The newsletter contains instructions on SuperStream and PAY-PACK version 9.

Dr Lewis has competed at Powerlifting.  For his age and weight group he has won in 2013 the Australian championship, the Oceania championship and the British Commonwealth championship.

PAY-PACK topics: Introduction, Overview, Options, Prices, Maintenance, Latest Upgrades.

Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE cashbook handles GST.  Version 7.3 (released May 2010) is the last update.  Version 7.0 has big changes for the Fast Numbering process of Bank Reconciliation.  You can import a data file from your bank and match it with transactions you have entered. 

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All prices are in Australian dollars.  All prices include 10% GST. Maintenance service is now available for all these packages.  Demonstration Packs are available to let you test these packages to see if they are suitable for your use.

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