Organise your business better

Lewis LETTER MAGIC is so useful for performing many day-to-day office activities.  The computer can be left running Lewis LETTER MAGIC all day.

Information at your fingertips about the people and companies that you deal with.

In addition to standard name information that everybody needs, such as address and telephone, Lewis LETTER MAGIC lets you store information and dates specific to your own business.

Write a letter with as few as four key-strokes.

When producing a standard letter, the program will incorporate the name, address and date, then print the letter.
When writing a letter, the program starts with the date, name and address.  Lewis LETTER MAGIC has a practical easy-to-use word processor which lets you type away, and insert standard phrases, standard paragraphs, and a standard sign-off ending.

Lewis LETTER MAGIC is very powerful for writing a standard letter to a large number of names.

The Windows version was released in August 2002 at the same time as the Windows version of Lewis ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE.