PAY-PACK - Introduction

Lewis PAY-PACK is developed by Dr Geoffrey Lewis, the famous payroll software specialist.

Do you employ between 3 and 700 employees?

Lewis PAY-PACK is designed specifically for Australian enterprises with up to 250 employees.  A special version MAXI-PAY-PACK allows 700 employees.
If you can run a payroll using a manual system or another software system you will find PAY-PACK absolutely simple to use. 

PAY-PACK saves you time when it is needed most.

Your payroll is now being done by your most trusted and most efficient employees.  PAY-PACK lets you use their time more effectively by streamlining all those complicated aspects of payroll processing:  tax calculations, pay slips, holiday pay and accruals, sick pay, overtime, superannuation, allowances, bank deposits, cash dissections, Payment Summaries (i.e. Group Certificates), terminations and lump sums.

PAY-PACK is reliable.  It is proven.  It is tried and tested.

Originally developed in 1984, Lewis PAY-PACK has continually been upgraded to meet new payroll requirements.  Over 3000 organisations have chosen PAY-PACK to do their payroll - the most important reason for purchase is the word-of-mouth recommendations of users pleased with PAY-PACK's reliability, flexibility and the excellent ongoing service.

We specialise in payroll software.

PAY-PACK is the main business of Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd.  We know that a payroll question on pay day must be answered urgently.  Dr Lewis leads a support team which gives telephone assistance as part of our maintenance service.
Most other payroll packages are produced by software firms just so they can say they offer a full range of accounting packages.

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