Maintenance Service for PAY-PACK

Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd is renowned for its excellent after-sales support.
The maintenance service entitles you to: The purchase price of PAY-PACK includes the maintenance service for two months after the purchase.
Thereafter the maintenance service is available for an annual fee.  The annual fee is payable in advance.  An invoice will be sent a month before the expiration of the existing service.  All amounts are in Australian dollars.
The annual maintenance fees are as follows.  All prices include GST.

These are the new prices effective from 1 July 2014.

Standard PAY-PACK license                               $330.

Lewis MAXI-PAY-PACK                                   $550.

Bank Direct Entry                                                 no extra

SuperBanking                                                       no extra

Cost Centres Option                                              $55 extra

Labour Job Costing Option                                    $110 extra

Day-by-Day Option                                              $55 extra

Importa-Pay Option                                             $110 extra

Each subsidiary license                                         $77 each, extra

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