Extra Options for PAY-PACK

Labour Job Costing
Cost Centres

These two options let you allocate the cost of employees who work in several different cost centres during the pay period.

Bank Direct Entry

This produces a data file, which can be sent to the bank, to pay directly into employee’s accounts.


Cheque Printing

Each pay run, the standard version of PAY-PACK prints a list of employees who are to receive cheques.  With this option PAY-PACK prints cheques.  You can control the position of the date, amount and payee.  The amount can print on cheque forms with free-form space or on those with boxes for thousands, hundreds, etc.


For each employee, you can record the start and finish times, and consequently the number of hours worked each day at each overtime or penalty rate.


Lets you import payroll information from other sources.  The most common case is reading information prepared with a computerised time-recording system.


If you employ more than 252 employees during the course of the year, you can opt for Maxi-PAY-PACK, which lets you pay up to 700 employees.  The Maxi-PAY-PACK can read all the data from the standard PAY-PACK.

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