The Costing Options

PAY-PACK with Cost Centres

PAY-PACK with Labour Job Costing

Many PAY-PACK users want to keep track of the total cost of different departments or jobs.  These two options let you find the cost of each job when employees can work in several different cost centres each pay period.
With the Cost Centres Option there is a maximum of ten jobs, whereas with Labour Job Costing there is no limit to the number of jobs.  Otherwise the two options are identical.
When you enter the number of hours worked during the pay run, you tell the package which jobs the employee worked on and how many hours.  Allowances, superannuation, holiday, sick and RDO pay can also be costed to different jobs.  Each component of an employee's pay can be split across any number of jobs.
The main report is a Dissection by Cost Centre, which is printed during the pay run.  For each cost centre, the report prints: This report is also available to show month-to-date and year-to-date values.  The totals can be written to a disk file, so that data can be passed to an external job costing program which analyses all costs, labour and non-labour.
You can also set up pre-determined cost allocations, e.g. 50% to job A, 20% to B and 30% to C.
The Costing Options cannot be used together with the Day-by-Day option.

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