Day-by-Day Option

This option lets you record each employee's time worked on a daily basis.  The input screen is like a spreadsheet with the figures for each day in separate columns.
There are two methods of entering the daily times.
(a)  Enter the number of hours at each penalty rate.
(b)  Enter the start and finish times, and PAY-PACK will allocate this elapsed time over the different penalty rates, according to a schedule.  A typical schedule is: the first 8 hours at ordinary time, the next 2 hours at time-and-a-half, and excess hours at double time.  You can define up to nine schedules to cater for Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, etc.
You can enter for each day the number of units for allowances; sick time; unpaid time and rostered day off accruals.
Having entered the information for the pay period, you commence the pay run processing.  All the day-by-day information is brought into PAY-PACK, ready for you to print pay slips.
The Day-by-Day option cannot be used together with either of the Costing options.

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