This extra option to Lewis PAY-PACK, lets you import payroll information from other sources.
The most common case will be reading information prepared with a computerised time-recording system.  However the information could have been prepared on a spreadsheet or by a specialised program.
IMPORTA-PAY will read the data of hours worked from the ASCII data file, and translate it into PAY-PACK, as though the hours had been entered in PAY-PACK’s screen of Hours Worked This Pay.  IMPORTA-PAY will also read in piece rates, and allowances that have formula Rate per Unit.  Recently IMPORTA-PAY has been extended to be able to accept records of sick and all other leave.
Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd will make available the exact layout of the ASCII data file for IMPORTA-PAY.
It is necessary to match information of employees, hourly rates and allowances between PAY-PACK and the other system.  In PAY-PACK you can choose which keys you wish to match on, and the order of matching.  Some of the possibilities you could choose for matching employees are:
PAY-PACK can also export data in IMPORTA-PAY format.  This is useful for testing, and for getting precise details of new employees.

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