Price List for PAY-PACK

All prices are in Australian dollars.  All prices include GST.  Order form.

Lewis PAY-PACK license                                   $1045

Up to 252 employees per year.  For most companies, the other options will not be needed.  This is a single-site single-user license.  Includes maintenance service for two months.

Maxi-PAY-PACK license                                    $2090

Up to 700 employees per year.  ($1045 more than the standard license.)

PAY-PACK with Labour Job Costing                    $2090

$1045 more than the standard license.

PAY-PACK with Cost Centres                            $1567.50

$522.50 more than the standard license.

Banking Direct Entry                                           $330

SuperBanking Option                                           $330

Day-by-Day Option                                             $522.50

Importa-Pay Option                                             $1045

Subsidiary Group Employer Licenses                      $220

See conditions.  An extra $55 for each option of Banking Direct Entry, SuperBanking, Labour Job Costing, Cost Centres,  Day-by-Day, Importa-Pay.

Annual Maintenance is $330 for standard license.  See details for maintenance charges for the options and Subsidiary Licenses.

Demonstration Pack                                             $55

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