Subsidiary License

All prices include GST.  All prices are in Australian dollars.
A much cheaper license fee applies when two or more firms have common ownership, and Lewis PAY-PACK is being done by the same operator on the same computer.  This suits subsidiary companies, holding companies and service companies.
This concession is substantial : $220 for a subsidiary license versus $1045 for a standard license.  To qualify it is absolutely necessary that we receive a letter (or email) satisfying the following conditions: This concessional price is only available for companies whose PAY-PACK maintenance is up-to-date, or for companies applying for a PAY-PACK license for the first time.

PAY-PACK Options

For each subsidiary license there is an extra charge of $55 for each of the following options that are required: Labour Job Costing, Cost Centres, Bank Direct Entry, SuperBanking, Maxi-PAY-PACK, Day-by-Day, Importa-Pay.

Annual Maintenance

There is an annual maintenance charge of $77 for each subsidiary PAY-PACK license issued and currently being used.

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