This version of Lewis PAY-PACK was sent to customers in October 2006.

Payment Summaries

From 1 July 2006 the ATO has specified a completely new layout for Payment Summaries for Employees.  The employee will receive just one A4 page.  There are two variants of this layout, Window-face and Z-fold, so you have more options on how to fold the payment summary to fit in envelopes if this is the way you distribute them to employees.  PAY-PACK 8.1 also lets you write the employee address data to a file.
PAY-PACK 8.1 lets you exclude employees with zero earnings from the Payment Summary file.  PAY-PACK 8.1 no longer prints directly onto the ATO forms for Payment Summaries.

Other Changes

PAY-PACK 8.1 has two new reports:  Also in PAY-PACK we now use the term Write-to-File instead of Write-to-disk.  This facility is available for some more reports.
In the Pay Run it is now very much easier to print a pay slip for one person.
You can set up a default method for Sick Leave, such as Pro Rata method, time unit in days, and 10 days per year.

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