PAY-PACK Version 9.0

Version 9.0 was released in October 2014.  It lets you process SuperStream.

To obtain version 9, just send an email to us at requesting a copy.   We have been sending a batch of updates at a time.  We will mail the disk to you.  At or about the date we do the mailing we will send the documentation to you as a PDF file by email.  Your PAY-PACK maintenance must be up-to-date.

After you install version 9, you will need to set up a screen about each super fund that you are contributing to.  PAY-PACK lets you confirm that all contributions and super funds are correctly linked.

Pay runs and calculation of contributions will be the same as in previous versions.  Most of the SuperStream processing happens as a consequence of the month-end processing.

You start the month-end process in the usual way by Reports; Monthly.  Firstly, print the reports.  There is a new stage where you answer a couple of Yes/No questions, and then PAY-PACK collects all the month-to-date super contributions, and writes this information to a new file which has each combination of employee and fund.  You then answer the usual month-end initialisation question.

You will be able to see on the screen each combination of employee and fund.  This screen will have four values: SGC, salary sacrifice, employee deduction and other.  PAY-PACK lets you print a report of this data, or to produce a data file to send to the clearing-house.

When you send this file the first time, it is very likely that your clearing-house will suggest some changes.  You can readily change the employee data or even the information on the super fund screen, and then simply write another file which will still have all the correct super contributions.

With these SuperStream changes it is natural that you should have some trepidation.  The first month will probably require some adjustments.  From the second month on, most users have found that everything works very smoothly, and that there has been a considerable saving of administrative time.

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