Cashbook Software

Tracking Your Income & Expenditure

CROSS-CHEQUE handles GST S-I-M-P-L-Y.  You only need to enter one amount per transaction.

For Expenditure (or Income) you just enter the basic information: date, amount, payee, cheque number and the category.  CROSS-CHEQUE will automatically know the GST effect.  This is because the category (i.e. account code) set-up screen has questions about the GST status.  GST reports, or transfer to Lewis BASiNET software to prepare Business Activity Statement.

CROSS-CHEQUE reduces your time spent on preparing your income tax return.

You simply provide your accountant with the comprehensive reports from Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE.  The Australian Taxation Office may now demand details of expenditure on items such as motor vehicles.  CROSS-CHEQUE will print a report, headed with your name, itemising all such transactions.

CROSS-CHEQUE improves your financial control by giving you reports about your business at the press of a button.

Would you like to obtain a detailed list of all expenditure on travel?
What revenue did you receive from your different sources in the last quarter?
You can compare the amount spent in each category against budget, or with the same period last year.
Another report lets you see the progressive sales each month.

CROSS-CHEQUE is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses.

CROSS-CHEQUE is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses, for professionals such as doctors and dentists, for farms, for shops, and for self-employed people.  Clubs and community organisations will appreciate CROSS-CHEQUE's budget facility.  CROSS-CHEQUE is also used by larger enterprises as a cashbook and to prepare general ledger input.

CROSS-CHEQUE is extremely easy to use.

You do not require any accounting experience to use CROSS-CHEQUE.  Dr Geoffrey Lewis also recognises that many CROSS-CHEQUE users will have had no previous experience with computers.  CROSS-CHEQUE is an ideal way for you to gain confidence in using a computer.

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