Upgrades for CROSS-CHEQUE

The latest version of CROSS-CHEQUE is 7.3 which was released in May 2011.  A copy was sent as part of the maintenance service to all CROSS-CHEQUE customers whose maintenance is up-to-date.
Upgrades in recent years: This is a table of the prices for upgrading to the latest version of Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE for existing licensed users of CROSS-CHEQUE.  All prices include GST.

From your Existing Version

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To latest Version 7.3

  XC 7


XC 6 Windows



XC 6 Dos



XC 5 Windows

Version 6.0


XC 5 Dos

Version 6.0


XC 4, XC 3, XC 2


All of these prices include full
maintenance support for one year.
All of these prices include a copy of the CROSS-CHEQUE manual if upgrading from Version 5.20 or earlier.
All upgrades from Version 5 onwards can keep your existing CROSS-CHEQUE data.
If you are not on maintenance, you can get support.  The cost will be $66 (including GST) per Help Incident.
See price list for new license for CROSS-CHEQUE.
All prices are in Australian dollars.
Order from Custom-Made Software Pty Ltd.

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