Version 7.0

Lewis CROSS-CHEQUE.  Released September 2003.

The most dramatic new features relate to the Bank Reconciliation process, in particular Fast Numbering.
New Year
.  Suppose you had already done the New Year process, and you had entered some new transactions.  You then realise that you forgot to bring forward the unpresented cheques.  Version 7 of CROSS-CHEQUE will now let you do so.
Backup and Restore.  Now support for larger capacity disk drives such as Zip drives or Memory sticks.
Version 7 will only be available in the 32-bit Windows version.  This is suitable for computers using Windows 95 and later.  Version 7 will not be available for DOS or for 16-bit Windows.
Version 7 will be able to use all your CROSS-CHEQUE data from Versions 6 or 5, Windows or DOS.

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